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Isn't it interesting how what seems to be an ordinary day can bring about extraordinary surprises?

This is exactly what happened to turn my love of quilting into a new adventure for both myself and my husband, Tom.

While shopping for a part for my vintage Featherweight sewing machine, Tom saw an advertisement

for a longarm quilt machine.  He was fascinated by the video and mentioned that he'd like to try it.

Wanting to encourage this new interest, I purchased a class for Tom at the local quilt shop.  That class

led to another and soon we were renting time on a machine so he could quilt my quilt tops.  Tom adds

the 'magic' that brings the quilts to life!


Now we have our own machine and can quilt to our hearts content.  It's been such a joy to have this 

hobby together!   Taking in quilt shows, learning new skills and of course visiting quilt shops make for  

fun dates.  We enjoy making quilts for family and friends.  Expanding our hobby to start up an online

shop seemed like the logical next step.


Thank you for taking a look around our website and checking out our newest creations.  We sincerely 

hope you enjoy our quilts as much as we enjoy making them!  Each quilt is unique and made with love.  

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