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Designs & Pricing

We offer edge-to-edge quilting in a range of designs and can supply batting if needed.  Here are a few of our favorite design sites.  Take a look and see which pattern you would like on your quilt.

We charge 2.0 cents per square inch for basic edge-to-edge designs.  

We can do a condensed pattern (most popular) for 2.5 cents per square inch.

TO CALCULATE: multiply the Width x Length of your quilt top, then multiply the top by the price.  (Ex:  64" x 76" = 4,864 square inches; 4,864 x .018 = $87.55)

You are welcome to supply your own batting, however we do offer Warm & Natural or Warm & White batting for $9.00/yard.

A deposit of $50.00 is required for each quilt and will be applied to the final cost.

The final cost will include a $15.00 return shipping fee (if applicable).  There is a $50.00 minimum fee for services.  Your quilt will be returned to you untrimmed.  Binding services are not provided.

Due to the length of our quilting frame, we can accommodate a queen size quilt or smaller.

Honeysuckle Quilt Co copy2.png

Preparation & Submission

Now that your quilt top is finished, it's time to complete the final steps and get it quilted - the step that brings your quilt to life!

You will need to complete and submit the order form (using the link below).  If you are local, we welcome you to drop off your quilt in person - or you may mail it to us.  We realize a lot of time, expense, and energy went into your quilt and it is your 'baby'.  Rest assured that we will do our absolute best to deliver back to you a quilt that you will be delighted with for years to come.


  • Be sure your back is seamed, and trimmed square

  • Back and batting must be 8" wider and longer than the top

  • Clip all loose threads and press both the back and top

  • Make sure to indicate on your form if back / top are directional

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